Quarta-feira, 26 de Novembro de 2008

Capas de livros: quem as salva de serem todas iguais?

Getting them hooked

por Chris Grupetta


You cannot judge a book by its cover. This tiresome cliché is nonsense, as most people in the book trade know. Readers do judge books by their covers and, more importantly, often make buying decisions based on a visceral reaction to jacket design.

(...) Cover design and blurb remain two of the most influential factors in any book marketing campaign, yet publishers often spend most of their time and marketing budgets on advertising rather than cover design. Much of the selection process is based on design aesthetic, with heavy use of the so-called "hunch". If a sizeable chunk of money is spent on design it is often as part of a rebranding exercise. These changes, again, tend to stem from aesthetic whims rather than market research.

A book's cover is a strong marketing opportunity, yet its possibilities have been remarkably under-researched. There is the question of whether such a creative industry as publishing should be focus-grouped to death, as has happened with so many other industries. Some argue that a more scientific approach could create homogeneity, as creativity and innovation are sacrificed at the altar of increased sales. However, even in the current climate homogeneity already rules, as cover style fads spread virus-like from publisher to publisher.

[Pode ler o resto do texto aqui/ The Bookseller]


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